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Once Upon A Timesheet | Public Relations #1 Review

Written by  Published September 23, 2015 02:06
The long, long, LONG awaited tale is finally here! We get to celebrate in the vast crazy imagination of Matt Sturges and Dave Justus as they tell the tale only they can concoct. I know when people say the dynamic duo, they think of Batman and Robin, but as creators go, I think of Sturges and Justus.  These two gentlemen work so well together it is scary. I am not 100% sure how they “hooked up” but I am so happy they found each other.  I love how they work off of each other and balance out the spectrum of comedy and magic in a comic book that will be highly recommended by this comic book staffer.

PR v1 issue1 cover flat 600x890

This book has literally taken YEARS to get off of the ground.  The creation of Public Relations started around 2008.  Hardships from different areas came and went and set the book in purgatory of possibly never being made. Until now! The comic gods have shined their light and the moons have come together to allow the world to see/read Public Relations.  As if not another massive “F you” to this, it was originally slated for September 2nd, but a printing error has it now 3 weeks later on September 23rd.  Good things are worth the wait, though.

Let’s get to the actual book.  Public Relations is about a hopeless romantic named Dan who happens to work in public relations in Dallas, Texas (shout out).  As the story goes, we find out that he is invited to his father’s birthday in the land that he rules over called Sardonia, where magic is still alive and mischievous.

PR v1 issue1 promo 011 600x923

We get the impression in the first issue that Dan hasn’t had the best relationship with his father.  We get to meet his mother, and she is just a peach.   Feel the sarcasm, FEEL IT.  She continues to berate Dan about how he shouldn’t have high hopes about meeting his father, all while she is going to go and see him for his birthday as well. Oh, you are a tricky minx!

pr02 07 674x1024

The plethora of characters and their personalities is a bold, fun statement for this book.  The different characters mesh well with the underlying theme of magical comedy.  Sturges and Justus described the book in previous interviews as “It’s Always Sunny in Westeros”, which is a great way of explaining it!

So who are the characters?  We have Dan, the main “hero” of the story.  Threnody, is the love interest and punky gal pal in the story.  Clearly, with her hair style and clothes, she is my absolute favorite.  Shocker! Scarlet, Dan’s not so nice mother, is featured in the first issue, wine glass in hand.  

We also have Chip, who aspires to be King one day, and so he knows all the jobs around the county, and tries to perform.  We see Dan’s father, his entourage, and we even meet a brother! His very weird brother that seems to want to end Dan’s life to claim the throne and rule the kingdom.  We shall see!

This comic is full of laughs, love and mystery.  I give it 5 out of 5 dragons! Be sure to check it out! In stores now! 

Lisa McCarty

Lisa "Spazzy" McCarty is quite the comic book girl. Recently joining the ranks at eXpertComics as a main columnist, she can also be heard on various podcasts that maintain a female-centric point of view on comics and pop culture. When she's not knee-deep in comics, she works for the local health department and a cat-wrangler. A fangirl at heart, she has been reading comics since before she could walk. Despite numerous allegations, she is not the masked thief known as Catwoman. She loves Sphynx cats and hopes to get blue ones some day. Enter the Spazzy...

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