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It's Better To Have Weird Love Than No Love At All | Weird Love #7 Review

Written by  Published June 9, 2015 01:38
Romance comics were published from 1917-1977 that depicted the love lives of young adults and teens, mostly in America. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created the first romance comic book and published in 1947. Heavily influenced by the pulp fiction magazines and radio soap operas they came up with Young Romance. Several other titles followed and they all kept a similar formula. Some strayed a little and that's what we can find in “Weird Love”. These collected stories reprinted in one book are an absolute treat. The only thing missing are the old timer advertisements and advice columns that the originals had in them.

WeirdLove 7 coverWeird Love #7

Editors: Clizia Gussoni and Craig Yoe

Yoe-Mance Publication

IDW Publishing.

In this issue you will find seven amazingly weird romance stories. They're not the average romance story and some will have you wondering if stuff like this really happened in real life. Seriously, the writers had to get their inspiration somewhere so did a ventriloquist really lose out on love because he let the dummy do all the talking? Let's hope not.

The first story is, “I Joined a Teen-Age Sex Club!” first published in First Love #13, July 1951 by Harvey Publications and the artist was Bob Powell. Bob Powell is a well known comic artist from the golden age of comics. He's mostly known for his work on Sheena Queen of the Jungle, Mr. Mystic and Mars Attacks trading cards. In this issue Bob Powell is featured once again with this story about joining a teen-age sex club, which probably isn't what you think it is. Honestly the most scandalous part of the story is the word sex in the title. It does have some hilarious parts to it. So right off the bat our girl Geri blames her parents for the reason why she joined a “sex club”. They moved to a new city where Geri didn't know a single person and she was having a hard time fitting in. She couldn't fit in with the poetry nerds because she only read poetry.

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 The poetry “intellectuals” not only read it but they wrote it too. She also didn't fit in with the athletic bunch, school politicians or the debating society. Then she is approached by a girl named Laura Treat, what an appropriate name. Laura informs Geri that her friends are known as “the fast set” but really they're the “smart set”. Sounds like quite a line! Laura invites Geri to join the club. The club involves booze, cigarettes and making out with boys who will no doubt turn into abusive husbands in the near future. Geri just wants to fit in so badly. Of course this story has its fairy tale ending, not the realistic one where Geri has syphilis and ends up pregnant. Perhaps that would have been far too scandalous for print back in 1951.

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Next up is “Second Fiddle”, first published in Romantic Story #26, September 1954. Published by Charlton, pencils by Leon Winik and inks by Ray Osrin. Leon Winik was a comic book artist and animator. He's mostly known for his work on stories like Pat the Brat Billy the Kid and the Sunday edition of Jeanie in the New York Times. Ray Osrin was well known for his editorial cartoons that appeared daily in Cleveland's Plain Dealer every day for 30 years. He also worked on Pat the Brat and other titles for Charlton. This story is about two sisters who are part of a lion taming act. Joyce is the star of the act, the beautiful blonde in the leopard print bikini who can tame the lions and all of the other “male animals”. Janet is the “second fiddle” brunette sister who does the work behind the scenes.

This one is your typical story of jealousy but with lions, tigers and an unhappy ending. Yes, not all romance stories end happily ever after.

The great thing about these stories that were picked to be in Weird Love is that they're not the average romance, mushy type love story. These truly are the oddballs and that's what makes them fun to read today.  

Jessica Kirby

It was a cold winter day when we had decided to play hide-n-seek in the house. I hid in a dark closet in the attic. That's where I found my first comic book. I have never returned from that dark closet in the attic. They have tried to drag me back into the light. But they cannot. I will forever be on the DarXide.

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