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Archie #637 vs. Adventure Time #5 | Title Fight

Written by  Published January 23, 2013 01:03
MJ | I enjoyed reading all ages comics last week so much that I had to do it again! I take a look at Kaboom! again, this week it's their Adventure Time #5. “What to put it up against?” I asked myself. “Why not put the new kids against the old favorites, Archie and the Gang?" And the next great Title Fight was born. Do the wacky shenanigans of a boy and his magical dog stand a snowball’s chance against the crew that brought us the song “Sugar, Sugar”? Let’s do this thing! Annnnd What’s New With You?  


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Adventure Time #5

Writer : Ryan North

Art : Mike Holmes

Publisher : Kaboom!

Rated: All-Ages


Finn and Jake start off on a contest to win a cupcake only to find themselves in a weirdly familiar place where they meet a weirdly familiar hero named “Adventure Tim”.

The Breakdown

Ryan North is a funny guy, and he has really proven his worth on the Adventure Time comics. #5 is a good example of what he does best; the outlandish adventures and the meme-inspiring dialogue put this book ahead of its competitors.

North captures the spirit of the TV show beat for beat, no easy feat (rhymes, gotta love ‘em). His narrative may be filled with zany antics but in the end there is a message and a little joke at the end to leave the reader wanting more.

Mike Holmes heads up the creative team and I must say that he also brings the goods in the humor department.

Aside from the obvious lack of physics in the Adventure Time world, Holmes manages to sneak in several “meme faces” in Finn’s facial expressions which practically steal the show.

The Takedown

Adventure Time #5 is as fun on paper as it is on TV. #5 really lets Finn and Jake stretch their characters (no pun), especially when they meet their combined doppelganger, Adventure Tim, and then the hijinx ensue.

The back-up story “Emit Erutnevda” (eh, ehhh) by Paul Pope is a great tribute to the man who started it all, Pendleton Ward. The hidden in-jokes are everywhere and that was fun all by itself.

Kaboom! has really picked up a winning team with North and Holmes and they continue to impress me with the level of storytelling and their wry sense of humor. Good stuff.

8.2  out of 10

Far Far Away

Archie #637

Writer: Dan Parent

Art : Dan Parent/Rich Koslowski

Inks: Rich Koslowski

Publisher : Archie Comics

Rated: All-Ages


Archie and the gang take a stroll in the woods and transform Riverdale into a fairytale kingdom.


Dan Parent leads the charge on this storyline which shares that fairytale flair with the ABC Television hit fantasy drama, Once Upon A Time. His writing has brought the franchise into the modern age while keeping true to those favorite sons and daughters of Riverdale.

Archie is on a classic romp with Betty and Veronica still vying for his affection even in the midst of the fantastical medieval mixup. Teenage shenanigans ensue as Archie goes on a “kissing quest” to break the spell that has befallen he and his brethren.

Parent gives the gang plenty to do during the story and even manages to tie-in an exciting cliffhanger that is sure to have Archie fans reaching for the next one.

Rich Koslowski inks Parent’s pencils and heads up a decent creative team for #637. The art is as crisp and energetic as anything that has come out from Archie Comics, although I did wonder why Archie’s eyes kept changing color throughout the book (must be wizards).

The illustrations match the fun and frivolity of the storyline, never deviating from the winning formula.

The Takedown

Archie #637 is flat-out fun for the young and the young-at-heart.

#637 adds the neat fantasy element that lets fans see their favorite characters like never before (King Jughead is the best, finally his crown is appropriate).

Parent keeps finding new ways to pump energy into the franchise while being paired with solid talent like Koslowski who is equally committed to keeping these beloved characters alive for a new generation to discover.

7 out of 10

Until Next Time True Believers, Keep your Eyes on the Prize!

Mike Ramirez

MJ Ramirez is keeping his finger on the pulse of comix from major label to indie so you don't have to. With Flash-like speed MJ scours through the latest and greatest to give you the scoop on what to pop and what to drop. When his eyes aren't being glazed over by panels and speech bubbles MJ is teaching his two young daughters the finer points of classic comic storytelling. So never fear fanboys (and girls), MJ is hear to keep you from wasting your hard-earned cash on saddle-stitched trash. The next round's on me

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