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Heroes of The North IndieGogo Campaign

Written by  Published August 25, 2013 01:17
The Heroes of The North NEED YOU! To gain funding for Season 2 of their critically acclaimed web-series, my buddies over at The Heroes of The North have began an IndieGogo campaign, and now their fans can actually be a part of making the magic happen! Want to be a Medusa goon? Or get skewered by Crimson (played by the gorgeous Bianca Beauchamp)? Now's your chance! These are just a few of the awesome perks you can receive with a generous donation!



Don't just listen to me! I'm just "Wheelchair Guy" (that's my character in the series...for real! And you haven't seen the last of him either!), here's the guys behind the whole thing to tell you all about it themselves!



These are a great bunch of people and H.O.N. is a real labor of love for them! So even a little donation is worth it! Every donation comes with some sort of perk, even one dollar!

All of the perk prices and more information can be found here: 

Donate today and help protect Canada from the threat of Medusa!


Dave Michaels

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