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Anthology Alert! Making Cosmic Waves

Written by  Published November 22, 2013 07:26
Do you know what one of the best things about the modern age is? The fact we can restore things we thought gone forever through networking, ingenuity and drive. In comics, it helps of course if what you want to bring back is a relevant property with rave early reviews. Among fans, crowd funding is both more popular than ever (just look at recent huge successes from Fairy Quest by Jenkins and Ramos to Image sides like Liefeld’s Brigade or Cyber Force by Silvestri) and perceived with extreme skepticism (from rewards not shipping, to creator strife, to flat out just never produced books). However a project I am pleased to bring to you if you have not heard about it. It is the return of the comic anthology Cosmic Waves in and updated and more dynamic presentation than its predecessor that failed in a market of yesteryear. What is more is that the creators are reliable crowd funders and stand up guys. You will get what you are promised. A great book.  


But there is only a week left to fund this book! Help get this beautiful anthology made.


damm 2


Twenty years ago, a young comic book creator had the idea to produce a new comic that would combine the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, horror and so much more all the under the roof a single anthology...that comic book was Cosmic Waves.


damm 1


Cosmic Waves #1 was released into a very different comics market than what exists today. For that reason, Cosmic Waves struggled to find its audience, and eventually fell by the wayside.


damm 3


But times have changed.

Because of this, the original creator of Cosmic Waves, has decided that it's the right time to breath life back into this anthology of mystery and wonder. The current popularity of comics throughout mainstream society, mixed with the addition of new digital distribution possibilities, allows for comics such as this to have a real shot at succeeding!

The hope is that this new first issue of Cosmic Waves, featuring a diverse mix of characters, stories and creators, will be embraced by fans of such incredibly successful and popular titles such Negative Burn and Dark Horse Presents...basically anyone who loves a good anthology!

The ability to publish this new incarnation of Cosmic Waves will depend heavily on the success of the campaign, which has already begun to help facilitate it's 2014 publication. Anyone interested in seeing this new issue of Cosmic Waves spring to life is strongly encouraged to go to the campaign website, and make a contribution:

The anthology itself will be a mix of both stand along and on-going stories. One of the on-going features has already developed a strong following on Facebook, The Unseen:

The Unseen:


damm 7  cos


Other on-going story lines include The Light, Phenomena and Genome.

The Light:


damm 4  damm 5


If you are interested in thoughtfully written and expertly drawn science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime and more, Cosmic Waves is the place to be.

Contributions can be made, and regular updates on the 2014 return of Cosmic Waves can be found, on our campaign page:”



damm 6


OK so there is the crucial info you need to get in on this. The fantastic rewards and amazing content are exactly indicative of the kind of projects I try to fund. Please, let’s get this book made! I rarely if ever use this platform for these types of books but I loved the original and really believe in the project. Let’s get it made!!

Steve DAMM

DAMM is the proud father of two beautiful daughters. As one of ENR's founders and passionate comics' lover, he is committed to bringing you fair but passionate reviews as well as breaking news without the overreaction. A Colorado born curmudgeon, comic purist and pop culture crusader, he's on a mission to make new readers aware of the legends who came before in an in-depth way, how they changed comics and why the Silver Age is the most important era to modern American art (comic, commercial & fine). His opinionated style and audacious boldness making him a must read. As a reviewer, opinion columnist and con reporter his objective is the acquisition of truth, justice and the American comic book way, though he's been known to pursue foreign comics voraciously too. A champion for the creator-owned, a proponent for Indies and intolerant of towing corporate lines DAMM brings praise to those who deserve it and lays out the bad news without pretention.

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