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Advent Comics Gets Cosmic With Cosmos

Written by  Published March 19, 2014 03:25
When the fine folks at Advent Comics, namely Tony Kittrell sent me the Cosmos PDF, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I am one of those people who look at all the art first and then read the book with the art. I realize this is weird and have only met a couple of others that do this, but it works for me What I had in my hands was the beginning of a brand new universe. Not so much just one big book, but a bunch of books as it were that introduces us the the Advent Universe. The art I was looking at was exceptional and I will get to that later, but as I started the reading portion of my experience I soon discovered  that this is something that will change a lot of what companies do in comics. How much I don't know, but once again I will get to that later. First lets look at what I had in my hands.


I usually do a overview here, but this is a big book. Tony Kittrell has created a FRONTCOVERwhole new universe with a past, present and wait to be seen future. It is a universe based on Science Fiction, some mythology mixed in, Super Heroes in capes doing Super Hero things,  and most of all dominated by action. The first 4 pages of this book are not for the week hearted and as soon as the proper book starts you are pulled into yet another battle. There are true "we may die" here moments, true "we are going down swinging moments" and most of all true heroic moments and we are only through the first ten pages.

The art is BIG! Big splash pages, big moments, big everything and it jumps of the page. There is no waiting for the set up, or waiting for the lag, because the set up is happening right in the middle of a battle, which turns right to the next battle , which leaves us the reader to wonder if this book is going to let up, and then what are we going to do if it does. The colors are vibrant, the action flawless and the story telling basic for the moment of battle but hinting at a much larger picture in what is going to come next.

COSMOS MarketingLike I said before Kittrell is building an entire universe. Unlike other companies before he is doing it all at once, with a plan that is going to amaze people. The best part of it is it all fits in. He has the space saga, the super hero, and whatever else he decides he wants to throw in. This isn't slapped together, it's not see how the dice roll, this is a universe that was created and all the titles coming out of it support each other.

As a jumping off or jumping on book, you can't ask for more than this. All the characters that we are getting to know are doing it so we see what they can do, who they are, and where the story hints at taking us. I like that there isn't some long drawn out emotion heavy prologue here. Kittrell knew that he would have us hooked and just took us along for the ride. His artists had no problem conveying the scenes and as I said the art is BIG! This is classic super hero sci fi fare delivered at a pace that makes the mind reel and when it is over is better than any roller coaster you will get on this year.

Cosmos is on the shelves now. If you want big adventure, over the top heroics, fast paced adrenalin flowing balls to the wall action I can't recommend it more. Get it now, it won't be there later!

For more on Advent Comics and Cosmos go here or here

Dan Robertson

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