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The Wonder Women Of Anime

Written by  Published June 1, 2016 04:19
In 1941, the world was introduced to who may not be the first female superhero ever introduced, but is nevertheless one of the most famous of all superheroines. Yes, we talking a character created by William Moulton Marston known as "Diana Prince", the first depicted of female characters of the DC Universe franchise to maintain the moniker of "Wonder Woman". While multiple versions of this character have been introduced over the years, her life story has always shown her as a long black haired warrior princess of an all-women culture who is as physically strong as the man of steel that is Superman, gifted with intellectual abilities and fantastic powers, and is never afraid to bare some skin while in the battlefield.

Back in the Fall comic book season of 2015, I took the opportunity to celebrate the week of Batman Day 2015 by presenting an analytical feature where I revealed five fictional characters in Japanese animation who happen to share common attributes with Bruce Wayne, the first depicted and most famous of the multiple characters of the DC Universe to maintain the moniker of "Batman". This time, I celebrate the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman by presenting to you a similar feature where I reveal characters in anime worthy of being called equivalents of Diana Prince due to attributes they share with her. So, whether you are a fan of both Wonder Woman and Japanese animation like me or are an anime fan just looking to be introduced to Wonder Woman for the first time, I have a feeling you are going to enjoy this feature. So hold on tight to this lasso of fun and information for a good read, right here at ENR.


1) Emeraldas (Captain Harlock)

 13318560 1732183923737647 355816966 nLike the DC Universe, the science-fiction universe we know as the "Leijiverse" (also known as the "Captain Harlock Universe" and the "Galaxy Express 999 Universe") has a trinity of protagonists (the three most major of the protagonists) that always remains the same despite timeline resets. Emeraldas is worthy of being considered as the Captain Harlock Universe's equivalent of Diana Prince because not only is she part of her universe's trinity of heroes, but she is also a long-haired warrior beauty in a light-colored battle outfit born in a royal family who seeks to fight for the oppressed even within outside her place of birth, although Diana Prince is a scantly-clad black-haired princess of an Earth-based nation with Emeraldas herself being a strawberry blonde from an alien world (called "La Metal" in case some of you are new to Harlock lore) without scantly-lad wear.

Also, similar to Diana being in a romantic relationship with one of the two men co-consisting her respective trinity (Clark Kent/Superman that is), Emeraldas is in one with one of her trinity male colleagues with that love interest being Toshiro "Tochiro" Oyama, the best friend of Captain Harlock (the other male member of Emeraldas' trinity), although Tochiro isn't leader type out of the three colleagues.


2) Naga the Serpent (Slayers)

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Like Diana Prince, Slayers diva Naga is an independent adventurer born in a royal family with long dark hair and fantastic powers. While Naga's trademark scantly-clad outfit may not be in bright colors like much of the famous DC Universe heroine's battle outfits, it shares commonalities with Diana's famous biker outfit from the 1990s Wonder Woman comic book stories published for DC Universe canon; both dark colored outfits bare leg skin, arm skin, and midriff (but note the Naga bears her midriff more often than Diana Prince does bare her own when in the battlefield).

Plus, she has her own warrior cape like the DC Universe superheroine herself, although Diana does not always wear a cape in battle. And last of all, the Slayers Universe has its own trinity of heroes/adventurers with Naga being a member (the other two are Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev).


3) Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann

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So this iconic anime tough chick may not be of a royal family or from an all-woman society. She may not have any special powers either. But nevertheless, she possess some qualities that make her worthy of being known as the Gurren Lagann Universe's equivalent to Diana Prince.

She is a strong independent gal who has long hair (although it is red hair often worn into a ponytail form), likes to dress in a skin-revealing outfit (although her trademark outfits more mirror Diana's 1990s biker outfit than much of the DC character's other Wonder Woman outfits due to clothing color and type of pants worn), values gender equality, uses lethal weapons, and is a member of her universe's trinity of heroes with Team Dai-Gurren leader Kamina, one of her two trinity colleagues (the other being Simon), being her love interest who ended up kicking the bucket at one time, just like Diana Prince's trinity member love interest Clark Kent.


4) Yuzu Hiragi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

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Like Yoko Littner, this Yu-Gi-Oh! diva (known as "Zuzu Boyle" in the English language edition of the currently running animated Yu-Gi-Oh! television series Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) is an equivalent of Diana Prince without both special powers and royal family blood.

While this teenage beauty with short pink hair may not be the first in the legacy of lead female characters within the Yu-Gi-Oh! lore (that credit goes to Anzu Mizaki), she is part of the lore's recent trinity of card game dueling heroes with the other two being Yuya Sakaki and Noboru Gongenzaki ("Gong Strong" in the English language edition of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) and like the DC Universe diva herself, she sports a trademark outfit in mostly bright colors that bares both leg skin and arm skin, although hers is white, red-violet, and purple and not yellow/silver, red, and blue.

She may not be a war soldier with lethalweaponry like Diana, but through her gaming tactics, she demonstrates that gender has nothing to do with tactics. Plus, she is in love with one of her male trinity colleagues (Yuya that is), although no romantic relationship between them is yet officially established at the moment.


5) Nagato (Kantai Collection)

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Despite following orders from a male navy officer, Nagato proves to be like Diana Prince of the Kantai Collection Universe. Like Diana herself, she has long black hair, serves as a military officer, dresses in scantly clad fashion, functions as leader to her homeland's all-female warrior populace in times of battle, fights with use of lethal weapons on a regular basis, and is open to including minors within her squadron.

Speaking of minors, Nagato, like Diana Prince, has a blonde teenager with a trademark bellytop serving under her; Diana has the red-shirted Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark/Wonder Girl and Nagato has the sailor suited Shimakaze.


So not all these five iconic beauties featured in anime possess have all the noticeable characteristics that Diana Prince is known for. You can say each of them is like the famous comic book superheroine in her own way. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had in writing, and if you know any characters in anime that you feel are worthy of being considered equivalents of Diana Prince that I did not include in this feature, feel free to mention them in the comment box.

Thanks for reading, see you next time, and look out for the comic book one-shot Wonder Woman: Rebirth, which will arrive in comic shops on June 8, 2016.

Christopher Arnold

Meet Montreal Island-born fanboy Christopher Arnold. He is a fan of a number of things: comic book action/adventure heroes (the superhero kind included), science-fiction, horror, Japanese Animation, action figure collecting, cosplay photography, and fan art. While his main column focus at ENR is action/adventure storytelling (regardless of if it includes sci-fi, horror, fantasy), when it comes to reviewing/analyzing material, whether it be comics/graphic novels, film, or even television, he is the kind of person to avoid judging a work of fiction by time of release and by nation of origin (and that's part of his moral code). Also, he's not afraid to admit if he finds comparison between two unrelated media properties. While he enjoys serving you, the readers, he's not the kind to show his true face on social media (so PLEASE, RESPECT HIS PRIVACY).

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