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The Ultimate All-Female Anime Dream Team

Written by  Published March 16, 2016 05:55
As a fanboy, I seem to always have a thing for action/adventure comics, films, and television programs about all-star teams; you know teams consisting of major fictional heroes. We have Justice League of America (starring the biggest super-heroes of the DC Universe), Justice Society of Society (starring the major super-heroes from specifaclly DC Comics' golden age), Avengers (starring the most major of the Marvel Universe's super-heroes), Masks (starring an all-star group of fictional heroes originating in pulp magazines), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (starring literature characters of public domain), Swords of Sorrow (starring an all-star team of heroines to which Dynamite Entertainment holds comic book publication rights), etc. There is even The Expendables, which centers around a team of heroes played by legendary action movie actors. Heck, my enthusiasm of the team concept led me to end up writing about my superhero dream teams for ENR; 2 to be exact, but you get the picture.

Last year, I celebrated the month of Women's Day with a list containing the 20 greatest gals to appear in comic books and cartoons, and although Women's Day was days ago, it is not too late for me to celebrate Women's History month with a treat for you readers who visit this website on a regular basis. For, as a fan of Japanese animation, I can never resist of beauty and amazing qualities of many of the great vixens this awesome entertainment medium has featured over the decades, and just recently, I realized that there are a few great anime gals I'd love to see together as a team for an all-star team-up action/adventure film (if it was to be a possibility of course). Therefore, I celebrate this year's Women's History month by revealing to you, my action/adventure dream team of famous female characters featured in Japanese animation, and as you read this fun feature at ENR, you will see the justification for including each desired member for this roster I put together.

1) Nagato (Kantai Collection)

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Despite her no-nonsense attitude at times, this naval warrior beauty has a good sense of fellowship with her colleagues as if they are her family and knows how to motivate those around her to be the best they can be while keeping her head in the game enough to not let tragedy push her to the point of emotional compromise.

She'd definitely be perfect for leading this dream team of heroines.


2) Naga the Serpent (Slayers)

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Some anime fans may find this bikini-clad sorceress annoying due to her iconic laugh sound (even Slayers protagonist Lina Inverse finds it annoying), but you know what, that laugh of hers could come in handy as a tool of intimidation against the enemies should they refuse to back down as well as means to punish those who betray her.

Did I mention she practices black magic and the use of ice-based powers? Naga is one woman this team could count on to save the universe when the others don't have the guts to take whatever drastic measures are necessary to bring down the punks who can't be reasoned with.


3) Madoka Magica/Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

 12834855 1697930733829633 283956112 nAdults can't have the fun in adventure and combat within fiction. The adorable and sweet Madoka Kaname, although a teenager who spent the entire course of her respective anime series to bring herself into the superheroine life, is a magical girl not to be messed with.

Not only is the she the strongest of the magical girls to appear in anime, but she has the ability to rewrite the laws of the universe when everything else falls into despair.


4) Lunch (Dragon Ball)

 12834920 1697930793829627 280106725 nAs much as I enjoy grim-and-edgy action films, I think we can agree when I say that we sometimes need some light-heartedness in our stories of action and  adventure. Lunch, being a woman who can switch between personalities (sweet and violent) due to sneezing, would be perfect for adding light-hearted qualities to the group in times of a need of a break from danger and tragedy.

Sometimes, violent warriors need to relax to save themselves from going too far, and this Dragon Ball beauty with a sweet side would be the buddy to help her teammates take note of it in times she is not in her violently edgy state. 


5) Holo (Spice and Wolf)

 12380435 1697930860496287 1382549652 nNot all heroines need to be humans. The wolf goddess Holo, though not an action star herself, does possess supernatural abilities, including picking up senses from any distance (even from a faraway enemy base), and will not hesitate to go giant beast mode when desired, although she'd need to take human blood to do so.

Adventurers sometimes need transport, and Holo would be perfect for giving the other members of this dream team a fast free ground-based ride on her back as well as fighting giant beasts.


6) Lynn Minmay (Super Dimension Fortress Macross)

12421450 1697930980496275 1256901328 n

Not all fictional characters save the universe with physical violence. Lynn Minmay (Lynn Minmei in Robotech), while not a military soldier, is a pop singer with siren-like abilities that can tame anyone threatening her species.

With her magical singing power, she could be helpful in making allies out of minions following the evil big boss by bringing redemption to them, increasing her colleagues' chances of victory.


7) Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)

 12804481 1697931093829597 302637155 nThis bikini-topped vixen may not have powers, but with her sniper skills, she can take down anything bigger than herself even if she is not inside a mech.

Like why those with special powers should have all the fun in taking down large mechs and monsters when they could share it with a non-powered human striving to beat odds?


8) Emeraldas (Captain Harlock/Galaxy Express 999 Universe)

12721902 1697931113829595 2019263199 n

Not all adventures in anime are Earth-based. Sometimes, the tasks require travel across the stars. Therefore, Emeraldas, a pirate with a space blimp, would be the perfect teammate to transport the team into outer space. Also, as commanders need someone to give them voices of reason in times they go overboard in attempt to lead, this woman would make a good second-in-command to save the leader from making decisions that might doom the team.

After all, she and her pirate ally Captain Harlock have a history of dealing with corrupt leaders (including those of Earth) and trying to inspire those struggling to stay true to their moral instincts due to living in misguided territory.


9) Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

12721990 1697931170496256 1450583817 n

This Sword Art Online diva may lack experience in real-world combat within her respective anime series, but manages to be both a leader and a heroine of her own right with her helping comrades try to survive perils within the virtual world when they're trapped.

Her expertise could be of use in mentoring the other members of this dream team when trying to escape an evil minion's virtual reality/dreamworld trap.


10) Jun/G-3 (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)

12421825 1697931240496249 2069102533 n

What is an anime vixens team without a superheroine legend from way before Madoka Magica's time?

Some of you long-time anime fans from the west may know her as "Princess" in the 1978 English language "Battle of the Planets" edition of the 1972 anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (or simply "Gatchaman"), and even though she's no leader, she is a costumed adventurer with expertise in handling explosives and electronics, making her the perfect teammate to help with infiltration missions that involve breaking down doors to hideouts and opening cages trapping hostages (if they're not controlled by magic of course). 


 So that is pretty much my whole ideal roster for an all-star league of anime gals. I hope you enjoyed this feature as much as I enjoyed writing. Feel free to mention your action/adventure dream team of anime gals in the comment box. Thanks for reading, see you next time, and enjoy the rest of Women's History month. 

Christopher Arnold

Meet Montreal Island-born fanboy Christopher Arnold. He is a fan of a number of things: comic book action/adventure heroes (the superhero kind included), science-fiction, horror, Japanese Animation, action figure collecting, cosplay photography, and fan art. While his main column focus at ENR is action/adventure storytelling (regardless of if it includes sci-fi, horror, fantasy), when it comes to reviewing/analyzing material, whether it be comics/graphic novels, film, or even television, he is the kind of person to avoid judging a work of fiction by time of release and by nation of origin (and that's part of his moral code). Also, he's not afraid to admit if he finds comparison between two unrelated media properties. While he enjoys serving you, the readers, he's not the kind to show his true face on social media (so PLEASE, RESPECT HIS PRIVACY).

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