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Age of Ultron #6 Bloody Circuits Review

Written by  Published April 22, 2013 02:14
Previously in Age of Ultron: The heroes made it to the Savage Land and reunited with Nick Fury. Who seemed to totally be prepared for this sort of thing.You know, an evil A.I. from the future destroying civilization and scorching the earth so it can remake it in its own image. Fury had a special bunker JUST for that. Fury had a complete armory filled with super hero memorabilia: Magneto & Nova helmets, web shooters, Goblin gliders and a fully functional Iron Man Mark V armor...although Tony calls it Mark II, but Tony seems to be going loony at the realization that they let Vision, an android that was built by their greatest enemy join the Avengers, and he never saw it coming that Vision could be Ultron’s ultimate we’ll let it slide.


To be honest, he was an alcoholic in those days and his memory may be a bit skewed.

So, Fury assembles a team to go into the future to fight Ultron (basically taking all the best heroes...and leaving Moon Knight! Sorry, Patton Oswalt!), but meanwhile Wolverine has other ideas. Logan firmly believes that he must go to the past (sometime just prior to Avengers #54, to be exact), and assassinate Hank Pym before he creates and unleashes Ultron on the world. Therefore, stopping Age of Ultron from ever possibly happening!

Which option is right? Attempting to stop Ultron in the future, where he truly could be unstoppable....or murdering a hero and Avenger before he unknowingly dooms the world, and rewriting history and possibly creating an alternate (and possibly worse) present?

What would you do?

The second half of the Age of Ultron Saga begins NOW!


2985808-06aAge of Ultron Book 6

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Brandon Peterson & Carlos Pacheco

Inks by Roger Martinez

Finally! After six long (and sometimes just painfully slow) issues, we get an action-packed issue that hits the ground running!

Turns out Sue Storm followed Wolverine to the past. She was supposed to be on Fury’s team, but something urged her to stay and go with Logan.

Probably the fact that her ENTIRE FAMILY is dead and she may want to prevent that. She could save the rest of the Fantastic Four! And her children! And all of her friends.

Deep down I think that Sue may want to do that. She is the ultimate den mother. This is good, sensible, character writing by Bendis here. AU has been missing a lot of that.

Wolverine knows she followed him because he could smell her. And mentions that neither of them have showered for days. EW! I don’t need to be thinking about superhero B.O., thank you!

And especially the thought of Sue Storm’s stankness is a real turnoff! Now, all of my Invisible Woman fantasies are AoU6-11_zps4e99d28eforever compromised.

By an amazing stroke of luck, Sue and Wolvie run into a young (or YOUNGER) Nick Fury visiting his Savage Land bunker and are able to steal his groovy 60’s superspy flying car. Only in the Marvel Universe is a flying car considered retro!

They fly to New York to find Hank Pym, who happens to be analyzing Dragon Man, a sophisticated android...and beginning the thought process that would lead him to create an A.I. smarter than even humans.

WHY would someone want to do that?! I was originally against the whole killing Hank Pym thing, but now I’m realizing for a brilliant scientist, he may not be really that bright.

And oh yeah...all that him being the CHRIS BROWN OF SUPERHEROES! ...Damn it. Dude's a menace! Off with his head, I say!

Wolverine really does make it to Hank. And an AWESOME fight ensues. Giant Man vs. Wolverine. With Invisible Woman in the middle.

What happens from there? Will Sue actually allow Wolvie to take out the man responsible for the deaths of so many? Or will she stop Logan from crossing the line and killing an ally, and ruining the space/time continuum? Will it even matter? Pym isn’t exactly a pushover.

I ain’t spoiling anything! And also? Fury’s team in the future come face to face with a SWARM of flying Ultron heads! That isn’t a joke! And really, to be’s pretty darn scary!

All I can say is there ARE major lives lost in this issue. And one panel, that I literally had to look at for a few minutes, just because it was so impactful, and I couldn’t believe it.

AgeOfUltron_6_Preview3Book 6 was the best issue yet, and I wish this kind of great action happened sooner in the series. Bendis did well building the tension in the past, while showing a panel here and there of the heroes in the future being basically decimated.

I honestly do not know where the story is going, and I cannot wait to see what happens next, because I would say all hope is lost for the Marvel heroes. At least, that is what it looks like...and I don’t know how they will save the day in this one.

Maybe they won't even have to!

See, my good buddy and fellow eXpert columnist, Dan "Big Dog" Robertson presented an interesting theory: maybe this is all some sort of nightmare or virtual reality program Ultron or another villain has put the heroes in. Maybe none of this is real.

I must say I have never thought about the "Holodeck/Matrix" scenario.

Could it be? Will the Avengers just wake up from all of it and everything will go back to normal? And how will the readers react to that? We'll have to see.

Interesting theory though, Dan!

Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson share are duties on this one, and usually I hate two artists on a book. But it makes sense in this case. Pacheco illustrates the Wolverine story while Peterson fleshes out the ghoulish, technological future.

It’s ironic that Pacheco and “Brando” are on the same book at the moment. These two artists have evolved in different directions over the years.

Carlos’ work in the early 2000’s was quite inspiring. He had very lively and entertaining pencils on such comics as AgeOfUltron_6_Preview2Avengers Forever and his X-Men stint. I always loved the dynamic style of hands on his characters and how his work would almost jump off the page. Now his stuff is more conservative and less exciting.

Not to say his work on AU #6 is BAD artwork in any way. But do yourself a favour and pick up Carlos’ older work (even his Superman: Camelot Falls story was more inspired) and you will see how his work has become less enthusiastic.

Peterson on the other hand has become one amazing artist. All one needs to do is take a look back at his Mystic stuff from CrossGen (before Disney bought it) or his early Witchblade work to notice how far he’s come. My first realization of Peterson’s phenomenal metamorphosis was his exceptional AvX: Vs. story where he drew the Psylocke vs. Daredevil fight. It was a visual delight! He really does have a talent when it comes to high-impact action. I’m sure it is only a matter of time until he is drawing a major X-Men or Avengers title (given that he is fast enough to draw a monthly title)!

But I must say even though there are a few pages where both artists draw different panels, they surprisingly do not clash and make a good team. I only invite Carlos Pacheco to bring back his old style! I miss it!

Can’t think of many problems with this issue in total. I enjoyed it from cover to cover, really. And I promise it is not just because it is Wolverine heavy!

Age_of_Ultron_Vol_1_6_Pacheco_Variant_TextlessThe action was great, and is a true turning point to the event.

Is it as big as Dr. Doom stealing Beyonder’s powers or Spider-Man revealing his secret identity to the public? Nah. But it definitely and finally got me excited about the series! And that counts for something. I applaud everyone involved.

And if you want more Wolverine and Invisible Woman and their stinky adventures in bad hygiene, give Wolverine & The X-Men #27AU a read! It’s a good little tie-in story that explains how they found Hank Pym’s location, and gives more insight into Age of Ultron #6...and an interesting plot twist that I think will involve cute lil’ Broo in the future!

And I really do apologize to the Sue Storm fans out there for pointing out that she currently reeks in this adventure. And for those that kinda like the idea....hey, man. Whatever floats your boat.

Hallelujah, Bleederz! Age of Ultron has finally picked up! That’s it for this time! Tune in soon for my review of Book 7!



Dave Michaels

With his unique brand of humour mixed with die-hard passion and knowledge for all things comic books, Dave Michaels puts his weekly spin on the pop culture like only he can. Each “episode” of Full Page Bleed provides fun, wacky commentary, interviews, recommendations of Dave’s favourite comics, and whatever else his “evil genius” can conjure up. What are you reading THIS for?! Read some FPB RIGHT NOW and PREPARE to BLEED COMICS! FPB is Here...

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