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Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

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If you're a horror fanatic you've probably heard of Jen and Sylvia Soska. These Canadian twin sisters have taken the horror world by storm and after directing their critically acclaimed horror/thriller masterpiece, American Mary, they have become the most sought-after new filmmakers of the genre. Now the "Twisted Sisters" have just released their latest creature feature, See No Evil 2, the sequel to the original WWE Studios slasher flick starring Glenn Jacobs, who you probably know better as... Read more...
Last Time In Original Sin: Nick Fury Sr. has committed the most scandalous original sins of all!! Yeah, it seems Marvel’s ultimate secret agent is even more secretive than we thought! And has been doing the necessary evils for decades with the aid of gamma irradiated bullets and life model decoys! After revealing this to the motley band of heroes he’s assembled, an aged Nick Fury lets on that his life is in danger. But who killed Uatu The Watcher? And how did they get one of Fury’s gamma... Read more...
Cha,Cha, Changes
There comes a time when reading comic books that all you can do is keep reading and hope for the best. I have been around this medium for a while now. I have read and looked at some the best stories ever written in anyone's favorite medium. Stories of bravery, compassion, love and tragedy. We... Read more...
The Many Shades of Thor | Full Page Bleed
So, It was announced this week that one of the most popular superheroes in the world right now, will be getting a major makeover this coming October (on The View of all places...only Whoopi Goldberg can appreciate this stuff on that show, right?). Yeah, I’m talking about Marvel’s God of Thunder,... Read more...
All-New X-Factor: Old School Mutant Chic
Welcome eXPress legions, DAMMnation and the wide world of pop culture fans that walk the cyberwebs. Thanks for reading, as always it is a pleasure to write words for you here. As many of you know, I have spent a good amount of time railing on both the current DCU and on the state of the American... Read more...
Dead Again
It's that time again. No not the time of year or even the time of day, it's the time Marvel or DC (in this case Marvel) kills off a big name superhero. It happens, the books are meant to somewhat portray life as it is lived so eventually somebody has to die right? I don't really even mind (well a... Read more...
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