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Bryan Frazier Brings Us

On A Hot Tin Roof - Batman #15 Review

I finally got around to reading a couple of the new "DC Rebirth" titles. I have heard many good things about the new DC titles from several friends and decided to try them out. I decided to try out the newest issues of two of my all time favorite characters -- Batman and the Flash! The issues that I just read (Batman #15 and the Flash #15) are BRAND NEW! They are just off of the book store shelves! Therefore, SPOILER WARNINGS are in full effect! You have been warned! Read more...

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review – Electric Sheep And Sinful Vows
Welcome back! Hope everyone had a good holiday season. It’s a new year, and with that comes the second half of Season 4 of AoS! The second portion of the season is titled L.M.D., which (in case you don’t read the comics) stands for Life Model Decoy. In comic lore, L.M.D.s are traditionally... Read more...
6th Annual Bleedie Awards - Part 2
So here we are,  the second part of my year-end spectacular column which gives out phony, non-existent awards to comics and comic related stuff that I myself, as a lifelong lover of such things, deems worthy. It’s The Bleedie Awards! Read more...
6th Annual Bleedie Awards – Part 1
Welcome to my 6th consecutive Bleedie Awards! My yearly column where I give totally fabricated awards to the best (in my opinion) in comics and comic themed TV, video games and movies! This year in many ways was an interesting one, with DC revamping their line of books yet again with Rebirth and... Read more...
11 Female Driven Anime Series To Look For In 2017
As a new year comes, we can always count a new year of entertainment awesomeness to look forward to, whether it be in comics, film, television, novels, video games, etc. Japanese animation, for one, is never without any awesomeness to offer in any season of any year (though viewers' tastes do... Read more...
Saying Farewell To Our Princess
The ENR staff is heartbroken to report the death of our beloved Princess Leia. Carrie Fisher has passed away at the age of 60. Read more...
Remembering The Gifts Of Christmas Past
Merry Christmas to my readers, friends and fellow co-workers for ENR! Last year, I talked of favorite Christmas presents of my happy childhood and the article seemed to go over well. So well, in fact, that I have decided to remember even more of those cherished gifts from my childhood! So without... Read more...
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