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Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen

Yahoo has some great movie stills available to view on there site of Transformebers Revenge Of The Fallen, click here to check it out. I love the shot of Megan Fox, looking hot as always :) Read more...
Megan Fox Looking Sharp For Jonah Hex Last time I posted some pictures of Megan in a long sweater covering her costume on the set of Jonah Hex. Now we get the official first look at what she will look like, wearing a sexy wild west prostitute outfit. Damn does she look hot !! I’ve said this many times, Megan fox can’t act but the fact that she’s rated the hottest woman on earth makes her acting worth watching her movies. I’ve never read Jonah Hex until they green lit the movie and from the pics I cant wait to freakin’ see it. Thanks to phreecelebs from PhunForums for the pics. [gallery link="file"]
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Official First Look at Megan Fox on the Jonah Hex Set

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