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Thor Movie Update

Will the story be set in Asgard or here on earth?  Director Kenneth Branagh was less than specific with MTV.  "I think that ['Thor' stories] go through golden patches and purple patches and everyone has personal favorites," Branagh said.  "There are many Thors and many accounts of the stories across nearly 50 years of the comics. We look to raid from the best." Also at MTV is a report talking about "Star Trek" actor Clifton Collins Jr. meeting with the Thunder God's plenipotentiaries.  "I had... Read more...

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Megan Fox Looking Sharp For Jonah Hex Last time I posted some pictures of Megan in a long sweater covering her costume on the set of Jonah Hex. Now we get the official first look at what she will look like, wearing a sexy wild west prostitute outfit. Damn does she look hot !! I’ve said this many... Read more...
Marvel Comics Unveils Amazing Spider-Man #595 Granov Variant
  As previously announced, Marvel Comics recently released a teaser image and launched a digital sketchbook in anticipation of the “American Son” storyline beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #595 Read more...
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