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Steve  Brings Us

Inside look at Hulk #18

Exciting times are coming to the Hulk universe this December with the first part of Fall of the Hulks event. Marvel brought out the big guns on this one - Jeph Loeb, artistic legend Whilce Portacio, inker Danny Miki and colorist Dean White for a storyline that will span 6 months and cross over into 3-4 Hulk and She-Hulk titles. Here's a sneak peek between the covers of Hulk #18 which kicks off the event... Keep an eye out for Fall of the Hulks Alpha and Gamma, also available in December. [nggallery id=24] Read more...
Here's a look inside Amazing Spider-Man #612 which launches a new event called The Gauntlet, featuring Part 1 - Power To The People. [nggallery id=23]
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Amazing Spider-Man #612 Preview Images

I'm frequently disappointed when I pick up a title that has mindblowing cover art only to flip the pages and see that the interior artwork is a total hatchet job. That was my expectation for FVZA #1... The covers are definitely stunning. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the interior pages are just us awesome... each panel is a work of art... As for the story - zombies, vampires and apocalyptic scenarios... how can you go wrong? Here are 15 pages worth of previews so you can see what I'm talking about. Feel free to agree/disagree with me in the comments section. [nggallery id=22]
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FVZA #1 - 15 page preview

Here are some preview images from this week's release of Lobo #1 : Highway to Hell, available now. [nggallery id=20]
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A Look Inside Lobo #1 Highway to Hell - Preview Images

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After five months of brutal Hex action, things only get worse for our Western hero as he finally comes face-to-face with his archnemesis, Quentin Turnbull. Bullets will be fired, blood will be spilled, and not everyone is going to make it out alive. Jonah Hex #49 is available in the shop if you... Read more...
Here's a sneak peek at what's behind the cover of this week's release of Deathlok #1 [nggallery id=19] Read more...
Here are some images of Black Widow #1, a new mini-series that's starting this week [nggallery id=17] Read more...
After the shocking conclusion to Tony Stark’s battle with the Iron Patriot, nothing will ever be the same as “Stark: Disassembled” begins in Invincible Iron Man #20! The Eisner Award-winning team of Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca begin a new chapter in their critically acclaimed epic... Read more...
In case yesterday's X-Necrosha post didn't provide enough eye-candy, here are some preview images of Gotham City Sirens #5 featuring some more great artwork. Harley Quinn takes center stage this issue as the girls deal with the after effects of Hushs deadly manipulations over the last few months.... Read more...
Enjoy some fantastic art seen in these preview images of  X-Necrosha:The Gathering, available now in the online comic shop. X-Force/New Mutants: Necrosha has been renamed X-Necrosha. Death has come to the X-Men. The one true Black Queen has returned, and she wants nothing less than every soul of... Read more...
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