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Christopher Arnold Brings Us

ENR Chooses Our Ultimate Fantasy Con Buddies!

This year's editions of San-Diego Comic-Con, Montreal Comiccon, and Otakuthon respectively maybe over a while ago, but this year's summer season of genre conventions still goes on with another season of events to begin soon. I am sure some of you readers had a good time attending whatever nearby genre con in your local area happened so far, and some of you have genre convention events to look forward to. Well, awesome! Read more...

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Scooby Doo! And WWE: Curse Of The Speed Demon Ushers In New Era Of Wacky Races!
There is really only one name in animation as far as I am concerned in regards to the direct to video market and that name is Warner Bros. For the last 5 years not even Disney can challenge the leaps and bounds that Warner has taken for updating old properties and making them relevant and fresh... Read more...
Snotgirl Provides Light Humour...With A Dark Twist
“Scott Pilgrim” alumni writer Bryan Lee O’Malley is at it again with another hit! Snotgirl hit the shelves recently and people have been talking about it since.  This is a story that is intriguing and very true to what happens in the minds of some females.  I can say this, considering I... Read more...
Yoga Hosers Is Dumb, Nasty Fun, The Way We Like It!
Back in 1995/1996 I was the only kid (to my knowledge) in my high school that would use a good portion of his lunch money to buy a comic book or two (or 5) every week instead of actual food. It didn’t matter to me if Spider-Man was knee-deep in the clone saga or Superman had a mullet...comics were... Read more...
Marvel Artist Marco Rudy Creates Cover For New Slaves On Dope Album, Horse
Canadian metal band Slaves On Dope know awesome artwork when they see it, and for their latest album cover, they went to one of the hottest comic artists in the industry right now, Marco Rudy, who has provided his eclectic illustrations to such comics as Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier, Marvel... Read more...
Legendary Mad Magazine Cover Artist Jack Davis Passes Away
ENR is saddened to hear of the passing of legendary cartoonist and famed Mad Magazine cover artist, Jack Davis. He was 91. Read more...
Darryl “DMC” McDaniels Walks This Way Into The Comic Book World
So, I am an 80’s kid. And that decade had a lot of different things going on, right? He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the collapse of the Berlin wall, Back To The Future, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, neon clothes, Hulk Hogan...just to name a few things. Something else happened. Specifically... Read more...
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