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Jessica Kirby Brings Us

Gotham Review - Monster's Night Out

Now that we’re all back from our little trip to Switzerland we can get back to Gotham.  Forever ago we left Gotham in a bit of a mess. Jim Gordon finally caught Hugo Strange with a basement full of monsters at Indian Hill. Unfortunately, it was too late for Strange to blow them up, Fish Mooney helped them all escape. While Fish was setting the former Arkham inmates free Penguin and Butch were teaming up again to take back the title of King of Gotham, or just the best dynamic duo we’re... Read more...

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Tom And Jerry: Back To Oz Review - Cat & Mouse, Fire & Scarecrow
I don’t get it. I don’t understand how Tom and Jerry fits so seamlessly into other properties, and yet if you read my review of Spy Quest (a Tom and Jerry meets Jonny Quest adventure) then you would think I wouldn’t be so shocked to see yet another adaptation that shouldn’t work, actually become... Read more...
ENR Chooses Our Ultimate Fantasy Con Buddies!
This year's editions of San-Diego Comic-Con, Montreal Comiccon, and Otakuthon respectively maybe over a while ago, but this year's summer season of genre conventions still goes on with another season of events to begin soon. I am sure some of you readers had a good time attending whatever nearby... Read more...
Celebrating Byrne's Man of Steel - Issue #3
"No, no, boss - not -- not Happy Birthday!" Man of Steel # 3 starts off with Superman going to a neighboring city to apprehend a dangerous criminal -- The BATMAN! Superman sees the Batman swinging on his Batrope , while in pursuit of a thug with information that he seeks. Batman is startled when... Read more...
5 Great Things About Star Trek: Beyond
I don't know what many of you have done so far to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise, but I am already enjoying my part of the celebration so far. I mean, I read a few issues of the IDW Publishing-published ongoing comic series Star Trek, which recently ended its run. A... Read more...
Celebrating Byrne's Man of Steel - Issue #2
A few weeks ago, I wrote a column on the thirtieth anniversary of The Man Of Steel # 1. The column received a great deal of attention, mostly positive, from my readership. So I decided to write another column about the miniseries! That's right, I am talking about Man Of Steel # 2! Read more...
Batman: The Movie Turns 50!
It was SUPPOSED to be a sort of "pilot" to whet peoples appetite for the TV series that was to follow in the fall of 1966. But, a hurried and unexpected need by the ABC network brought the TV series into prime time early. Fortunately, the gamble paid off, and it paid off big! The Batman TV Series... Read more...
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