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Bryan Frazier Brings Us

Happy 10th Anniversary, RiffTrax!

It's time for RIFFTRAX (some movies have it coming)! On July 20th, 2016, the comedy troupe Rifftrax celebrated their tenth anniversary! Rifftrax, for those not in the know, provides an comedic audio soundtrack on movies, TV shows, short subjects and more. Read more...

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Darryl “DMC” McDaniels Walks This Way Into The Comic Book World
So, I am an 80’s kid. And that decade had a lot of different things going on, right? He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the collapse of the Berlin wall, Back To The Future, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, neon clothes, Hulk Hogan...just to name a few things. Something else happened. Specifically... Read more...
Mr. Robot Review: Anologue Fugue
Welcome back to my weekly TV series reviews on ENR albeit the summer season rather than the superhero onslaught of the fall. By and large the summer TV season is often considered the “off-season” minor leagues of the TV ratings world. Summer is after all the time to be out in the sun and away from... Read more...
Casting An All-Canadian Star Trek
2016 is sure looking to be a big year year for one of America's most famous sci-fi media properties. First, IDW Publishing ran a four-part storyline in its ongoing Star Trek comic book series, exapanding on the history of Spock's prime reality version after the events in 2009's Star Trek movie.... Read more...
Mr. Robot Season 1 Recap
On July 13th, the two-hour season two premiere of Mr. Robot will air on USA Network. In preparation of my weekly episodic reviews I binged watched the entire first season of the series. To my delight, I was whisked away into a dark and personal opus which in many ways felt like it was pulled out... Read more...
Montreal ComicCon Cosplay Parade 2016
Here we are again! It's another year and another Montreal Comiccon! The one weekend of the year where I, your Bleeder King, join my fellow fanboys, geek girls and genre aficionados in my hometown gather together and revel in what makes us awesome! This year is my 5th annual time at the event, so... Read more...
Gotham City Breakout Continues Lego DC Superhero Dominance
While Disney may have seemed to have conquered the box office so far this year, there can be little doubt DC/WB owns the family home video market. With Justice League vs. Teen Titans already released and Killing Joke on the way, there is a current reason to rejoice.  I break it down spoiler... Read more...
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