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DC and Marvel (sort of...) have announced that 2011 will usher in a unified average for 32 page comic books with a cover price of $2.99 for most major titles. This is great news for collectors. For starters two things may happen here: 1. Some collectors will be able to pick up more of their beloved titles with these new-found savings, and 2. Some collectors will just find the hobby to be more affordable on their wallets. What I doubt will happen will be tsunami of deserters coming back to the hobby after being squeezed out and disillusioned by over priced books, many of which contained bland stories and mediocre art. DC and Marvel claim to have listened to retailers and customers in arriving at this new strategy, but the truth may be somewhat darker. It may be quite possible that this is a case that comes very close to qualifying as "biting the hand that feeds you." We, the true collectors of these products, the true force behind this Hollywood movie surge, are in essence the... Read more...
“Support your local Comic Shop”, is a line that I recently read in comic book forum about online subscription service web sites. That response really got me thinking; I wasn’t quite sure how I felt.
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Support Your Local Comic

Howdy folks! It's really been a while since any of us have had a chance to post anything on the blog. I figured now would be a good time to start again since the news really is quite big. The past six months or so have seen many changes in the world, the biggest of which was a partnership that was made with a store that has the experience and exposure that fits perfectly with our web store. On top of that the people involved are among the greatest enthusiasts we could ever hope to join forces with! I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Mike, Lambros, Johnny and David who are now part of the eXpertComics family. Combined they bring a wealth of experience ranging from Golden and Silver age books to convention planning and store operations. It's with this new team that we've been hard at work planning the opening of our first physical location in Ville Lasalle, located on the island of Montreal. I'll keep posting updates on the blog as they become available and invite...
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New eXpertComics Store Opening in November!

Here's a sneak peek between the covers of Iron Man: I Am Iron Man #2 which is available at the shop. Enjoy, come back soon for more exclusive previews of your favourite titles! [nggallery id=31]
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Preview images from Iron Man:I Am Iron Man #2

Enjoy this preview of Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #8, now available at the shop! NEXT STOP: ZOMBIEVILLE, PART 1 Deadpool and Headpool head to the Zombieverse! You heard right. With the luscious Dr. Betty and the hapless Bill agent of A.I.M in tow, Wade dodges starving zombies who are hungry for their pound of flesh...and hooks up with very possibly the last stronghold of human life on the planet and its fearless leader: a sexy Ph.D. who's mighty handy with a missile launcher. Watch out Dr. Betty, this book just got a new babe: Professor Veronica! [nggallery id=30]
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10-Page Preview of Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #8

Hey comic lovers, every week, we look forward to posting all the new releases once our distributor provides us with confirmation... It looks like this week's blizzard knocked out their entire operation bringing the entire industry to standstill (yay, monopolies!). Here's what Diamond distributors had to say: DIAMOND OPERATIONS IMPACTED BY EAST COAST’S WINTER STORM Due to a power outage at the Home Office from this weekend’s snowstorm, operations at Diamond Comic Distributors’ Home Office in Maryland were interrupted and office was closed on Monday. We are currently attempting to repair any website related issues and hope to have services back to normal by end of today.Diamond would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. We were hoping our weekly release schedule would be back on track but the ordering system is still offline as of this posting... Things should be returning to normal soon at which point we'll get those new tasty titles up on our site. If you have any...
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Blizzard knocks out distribution network, Mr. Freeze sought for questioning.

Gilead is in ruins and Steven Deschains Affiliation has been drastically reduced in size, the result of the attack of the Good Man, John Farson. But young Roland and his ka-tet intend to strike a blow for the Affiliation by exploding an ancient oil field the Good Man is using to power his machines of destruction. Roland may never get the chance to strike back because in the midst of Gileads survivors there resides - a traitor! Check out some pages in this compelling story! [nggallery id=29]
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Exclusive Preview: Dark Tower-Fall of Gilead #3

Here's a peek between the covers of this week's release of DeadPool Team-Up #896. The Merc With A Mouth is back and is ready to hit the road with U.S. ACE, Marvels truckin hero! He's back behind the wheels of a big rig with an unlikely partner -- DEADPOOL -- and together they're puttin' the hammer down, ridin' the open road, and decapitatin' giant killer raccoons. Good times...if they don kill each other first! [nggallery id=28]
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Deadpool Team-Up #896 Exclusive Preview

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Marvel's 70th Frame Variant Blowout Sale!
2009 marked Marvel's 70th Anniversary, and to celebrate, all Marvel Comics series featured a 70th Anniversary Variant. Featuring a frame by superstar artist Jim Cheung, these 70th Anniversary Frame Variants also feature an iconic shot of a Marvel character from that title by another of Marvel's... Read more...
Phillip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" #7 Preview
I was about 10 years old in 1982 when Ridley Scott's epic 'Blade Runner' hit the big screen. I still remember being stunned by some of the visuals shown in TV ads at the time. Already addicted to sci-fi at that age, I had a feeling it was going to be awesome... Sadly, seeing it at the cinema... Read more...
A little chaos and confusion is always fun, isn't it? Leave it up to the comics industry to be leaders in this domain. I figured that once we wrap out heads around it all, we can pass the info onto to all of you! - "Batman Odyssey", currently listed as a 6 Part Mini-Series is now a 13 Part... Read more...
Marvel's upcoming 'Fall of the Hulks Checklist'
The Fall of Hulks is set to begin! This week's release of Hulk #18 sets the stage for Marvel's big event. Don't miss an action-packed issue with our quick-reference checklist below. Read more...
Enjoy this 10 page preview of Marvel/Stephen King's continuing Dark Tower saga with Battle of Jericho Hill #1, currently available in the shop. Beginning a bold new story arc featuring Roland Deschain and his beleaguered ka-tet on the run following the complete destruction of their beloved city of... Read more...
Here's a look at a few pages from Azrael #2 from DC, The White Ghost presents a trial to the new Azrael: save an Angel or condemn a Devil! While it may sound like a simple choice, Azrael has to decide if the perceived saint is a sinner or if the sinner is an innocent man. [nggallery id=25] Read more...
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