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Bleederz! Welcome! It’s Week 4 and the final week of The New 52!! Both rotten tomatoes and multi-colored confetti has been pelted. Before I wrap up my final thoughts on this history making month in comics let me throw my last two reviews out to you guys! It’s two big ones! There will be blood! First off we got Batman: The Dark Knight... Read more...
On the menu this week is a set of four titles from separate corners, with different styles in different genres. That means “I mixed it up yo” for the hipsters. In the transition to this new Universe I felt there were some titles sure to be overlooked or flatly ignored because of the changes to the big guns were overshadowing them or the nature of the characters were some tried over again and again and interest was low.
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NEW DC 52 Review Week 3 | Damm Lucky

Welcome to the ON THE ROAD IN CANADA edition of DAMM Lucky and the new 52 Week 2 reviews. I am up in the beautiful Great White North for the Montreal Comic Con typing away on a foreign device (sorry 777box at home) and reviewing some more of the DCNU #1’s.
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NEW DC 52 Review Week 2 | Damm Lucky

Normally, I am not one for spoilers, but these reviews are ripe with them. You have been warned. Also, this is my all girl review it seems! Catwoman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman! Please note that I may go on a little bit about Catwoman. She is my favorite character of all time. ALL TIME.
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New DC 52 Review Week 3 | ComixBookGurl

I want to start by saying that the following reviews are my opinions, not the opinions of my fellow eXpertbloggers. I am honored to be able to write reviews of the highly anticipated relaunch of DC comics.
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New DC 52 Review Week 1 | ComixBookGurl

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WE REVIEW ALL 52 of the DCNu: Week 1 on Read more...
Get your first look at the new trade dress for the groundbreaking debut of Marvel: Season One! Read more...
Welcome to Week 3 of this DC 52 Relaunchapalooza (which is what it really should’ve been called. Nobody listens to me. It’s probably a good thing in the long run)! This week, I have a pretty widely anticipated book and one, maybe not so much...but hey, sometimes it’s the books you don’t expect to... Read more...
New DC 52 Review Week 1 | Professor Brand-X
Professor Brand-X in an eXpertComics Month-Long Event featuring The New 52 from DC Comics ON THE PROFESSOR’S... Read more...
I have a nice mixed bag of assignments this week worthy of discussion. As always I try to minimize any spoiler content, as there are plenty of spoilers online elsewhere. Let’s get right to it, shall we? Read more...
New DC 52 Review Week 4 | ComixBookGurl
It’s Comixbookgurl in an eXpertComics Month-Long Event featuring The New 52 from DC Comics! THIS WEEK’S COMIXBOOKGURL LIST: All Star Western| Aquaman|I, Vampire |Justice League Dark The final week of new releases for the new DC Universe is here! We have had some good times, haven’t we? Also,... Read more...
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