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ENR Gang Tackle | Greatest Super Villain Power Activate!!

Written by  Published November 30, 2012 02:36
eXPress News Team | This week we are once again at the mercy of DarXide for the group gang tackle. She with her usual twisted sense of humor came up with a topic none of us have really thought about, but then again why should we, we play in the light. What was the question? "What super villain power would you like to have?" Only DarXide right !?! Yep, once again we are taking a trip to the literal dark side courtesy of our own Mistress of the Dark. There are powers out there but who would want to be the villain? More importantly once you have walked on the dark side of comics can you come back? So much like Luke Skywalker we the eXPress News & Reviews team are talking our own walk around Dagobah. There isn't a  kindly Yoda to tell us to keep clear of the temptations, and we don't have a lightsaber when the going gets rough.  We are going to go, I just hope someone brings a flashlight.

DXXL| Galactus

I do love going to all you can eat buffets.

Heck if you put smorgasbord on the title of your restaurant it is practically guaranteed I will visit you culinary establishment.

Anyone besides me see where this is going?

Yep, my favorite super villain power is planet eating!

Galactus would be like my best friend in another parallel universe.

We could scour the universes finding eatable planets ad chowing down like the Big Dogs we are.

The best part is there would be two of us, so we could do the old bait and switch.

The Heroes would come at me thinking I'm there to eat their planet while the Big G goes in and makes like it's a Big Mac.

Next time would be my turn to pull on the lobster bib and make like Takeru Kobayashi when he ate 41 lobster rolls in 10 minutes.

Yeah there are probably better powers out there to pick, but hey at least I get a meal out of it!

DAMM | Beyonder

He can do whatever he wishes.

He can make and unmake universes. he can change the laws if cosmic existence.

But why do I want the powers of the Beyonder?

Simple really.

I want to abduct heroes and villains, split them into teams and make them fight for me.

Hey call it what you will I am a simple man and  the idea of making Mr. Fantastic and the Lizard fight is interesting to me.

Plus the most amazing thing? When it is all over I can retcon it and do it for the first time all over again!

The Beyonder has near limitless power and I want to throw that power around like a teenager with a Harley for the sake of watching Superman fight Toad.

Hahaha. So there.

ROBotiX | General Zod

My favorite super villain power? Hmmm... It's difficult.

Many of the best villains are defined more by their evil deeds rather than how they make those things happen.

Some of the greatest bad guys have a superior intellect rather than a distinct power but one of the most striking villains for me has to be General Zod.

Zod is far from a cracked mirror version of Kal-El.

This is a villain with all the powers of Superman but none of his ethics or moral standing.

Defined by his despotic acts, this military genius claims to hold the interests of his people at heart but seems motivated by nothing more than revenge and his lust for power.

Heat vision, super-speed, x-ray vision, flight and super-strength influenced by a yellow sun are weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Zod.

He has no mercy or respect for life, apart from his own.

He uses the tools of the Man of Steel to strike fear into all he comes across.

What weapon could be worse?


DarXide |Clayface

There are so many super villains with great powers and abilities.

Sad to think how great they’d be if they used them for doing good things, but for every good there must be an evil.

My favorite evil? Clayface.

There are so many endless possibilities with this power.

It’s evident in the way they keep rewriting the character.

He started out being a shape shifter, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

He’s like a Skrull, but not as lame.

As the character shape shifted itself over the years the abilities also shifted.

My favorite would have to be Cassius Payne.

He has the ability to shape shift, melt things, and duplicate. He’s also invulnerable to bullets.

Who wouldn’t want this guy’s powers?

You could be anybody and when you’re tired of being that person you could be somebody else.

sanXuary | Dr. Doom

If I could have any super villian’s power I think it would be Dr. Doom.

He is the head of a whole country, he is a genius, and he has a sweet suit of armor.

He has gone toe to toe with The Beyonder, The Fantastic Four, and most of the Marvel Universe.

He has an army of Doombots to do his bidding, and take a bullet for him if need be.

I have always liked the kind of villain that had as much brains as brawn.

Under his armor Doom, aside from his intellect, is pretty much a normal guy under his armor.

Doom’s name strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies.

He is Doom!

Full Page Bleed | Scarecrow

I know it’s not really a “power” per se, but is there literally anything more frightening than the effects of Jonathan “Scarecrow”Crane’s fear gas?

The power to make someone’s greatest fear a reality is something that for obvious reasons, gives me shivers. The fear toxin also combines the worst effects of hallucinogenic drug use, another scary thing.

You have to also combine the fact that Scarecrow wears a creepy costume.

The New 52 version is plenty scary, but the video game version also is scary...because Crane has this Kreuger-esque glove with syringes attached to the fingers.

And who can forget Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of the character in Chris Nolan’s Bat-films.

I remember seeing Batman Begins thinking, “OF COURSE Scarecrow is a perfect screen villain...why have we never think of that before?!”

Come to think of it, just the twisted intellect to come up with a fear gas is probably the creepiest super power any badguy could have!

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  • Comment Link Dan Robertson Sunday, 02 December 2012 08:41 posted by  Dan Robertson

    Cripes Dave the Scarecrow is on of my greatest fears! LOL. Damm you are diabolical, Rob seriously you want to be Zodd, definitely not getting into a cab with you, Brett you want to be a Tyrant, hmmmm going to need to re-evaluate my opinion of you buddy, and DarXide not surprised! Hahahahaha!

  • Comment Link Dan Robertson Sunday, 02 December 2012 08:36 posted by  Dan Robertson

    Man you guys are some seriously scary people, there is no way I'm sitting anywhere with any of you sitting behind me! LOL

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