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Cutest Zombie Apocalypse Ever | Cooties Review

Written by  Published October 9, 2015 02:53
It’s the most horrifying time of the year! Boo! If you are anything like me, you must LOVE Halloween! It is my absolute favorite!  Scary movies are a MUST during this time of year, unless you are like my friend Spaced, who simply watches horror ALL THE TIME!  Finally, here comes a fresh, new take on an old idea.  Think about it: what is terrifyingly hot right now? Zombies! Why don’t we just make a movie where the bad guys are zombie kids! BANG! You got “Cooties”!


This movie is packed with stars that we know and love! Elijah Wood is Clint, the struggling writer that gets called into his old elementary school to substitute after a brief stint in New York.  We have Rainn Wilson as Wade, the P.E. coach that maybe tries a little too hard.  There’s also Alison Pill as Lucy, the love interest, Jack McBrayer as Tracy, the confused teacher, Leigh Whannell as Doug, a very eccentric science teacher and Nasim Pedrad as Rebekkah, the annoyingly loud one.   What could make a zombie outbreak worse?  It starts on a Monday! Ha! Work joke.

So the premise of this movie is there is an infection that only affects prepubescents.  You will never look at chicken nuggets the same way again, because one nasty contaminated nugget is the cause of this infection.  One quiet little girl gets the lucky nugget in the school cafeteria, apparently oblivious to the McNastiness inside.  She gets increasingly sick, then starts to spread the virus among her classmates.  When recess is in full session people finally start to see that something is amuck.  A teacher is pretty much torn apart! It is pretty gruesome and amazing.

file 608157 cooties movie trailer

We follow the band of misfit teachers through the day as they try to survive the onslaught of zombie kids as well as each other.  This movie is perfect for those that do not really like kids.  Why? Because this movie is unapologetic in destroying the zombie cootie carriers by any means they can, which includes handmade weapons.  It is hilarious.

The movie has plenty of jumps and spooks in between the comedic banter, and does a nice job showing what would happen in the instance of an actual zombie outbreak and how fast it can spread.  This started in a small town and quickly went nationwide!  Kind of makes you think, the smallest infection could be the downfall of mankind.  Even if it is tiny children killing you! Kids ruin everything, am I right?

x240 h37

Full of witty jokes and references to some of the actors’ other shows, this movie is something to be seen.  I don’t understand why IMDB has a rating of 5.9 out of 10.  This movie was so much fun!  The story, the premise! It’s amazing! And I know the people in the theater I was in seemed to enjoy it.  The make up is amazing, as well as the acting.  It’s also unique, as I haven’t ever seen a kid zombie only movie.  Whatever, people are crazy! It’s hilarious and you need to go see it!

Prepare for blood, gore and fun in this movie!  It will get you in the holiday spirit indeed! 

Lisa McCarty

Lisa "Spazzy" McCarty is quite the comic book girl. Recently joining the ranks at eXpertComics as a main columnist, she can also be heard on various podcasts that maintain a female-centric point of view on comics and pop culture. When she's not knee-deep in comics, she works for the local health department and a cat-wrangler. A fangirl at heart, she has been reading comics since before she could walk. Despite numerous allegations, she is not the masked thief known as Catwoman. She loves Sphynx cats and hopes to get blue ones some day. Enter the Spazzy...

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