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Convention Circuit

Christopher Arnold Brings Us

The Ultimate Genre Convention Survival Guide

I have been going to genre conventions since the mid-2000s, and the first convention I went to was Con*Cept at the Days Hotel on Guy Street in Montreal. You can say that trying to go to at least genre con per year has been an annual tradition of mine when it comes to celebrating what I like. Anyway, I am certain that some of you readers who visit ENR on a regular basis have never been to a genre convention before but want to give it a try, especially with a few genre convention events this... Read more...
Success is always measured on the most personal of levels. It is no secret that I have spent time in the much beloved South but my most recent trip has to be one of the most memorable not just because of the event I was headed to, but the spirit and sense of community it instilled. When Mr. Innes asked me to come to Livingston Parish for the HUGE celebration of our country’s birthday called the Cajun Country Jam, which billed the entire living Dukes of Hazzard cast, Country Music All-Stars and... Read more...

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Geeks Unleashed 2014
May the Fourth be With You! “YOU. ARE. AN. ENEMY. OF. THE. DALEKS!” screeched the mustard-coloured, mechanical monster as it rolled up to greet us at the Doncaster Dome on Sunday, the 4 th of May. Anyone who had come to the leisure centre in the hope of a day of swimming, ice skating and... Read more...
Help Kickstart Melksham Comic Con
Melksham Comic Con is up and ready to run again this year, but it could use your help! Don't let Brian be a statistic! Go here and see how you can help! Melksham Comic Con is back! 2014 will be our third year, and... Read more...
London Super Comic Con 2014 | All About The Family
“I want to be a princess,” Lois said, folding her arms across her chest and frowning at me. “That’s absolutely fine,” I replied. “Which one do you want to be? Rapunzel? Belle?” “Optimus Prime.” And that was how Saturday began. In a dramatic rush to secure tickets and train, we set off to London... Read more...
London's Calling | On The Road to London Super Comic Con
Our own Rob Richardson is on the Road to London Super Con, and has been doing his homework! Not satisfied with just getting his press pass and then providing us with the coverage, he has dug a little deeper into the biggest CON in Europe! With just over a month to go Rob interviewed one of the... Read more...
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